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The Sims 2 - The Sequel Has Landed - The Full Review
Table of Contents

This is not a game that can be reviewed in one rush as there is so much to cover and this review is being added to, every couple of days.

Here is a list of the current sections in this detailed and comprehensive review.
  1. Getting Started
  2. Neighborhoods
  3. Building
  4. Buying
  5. Creating a Family
  6. A Family's First Day
  7. A Day In The Life Of A Teenager
  8. From Woo Hoo To Babies
  9. A Toddler's Life
  10. The Final Stages
  11. A Child's Life
  12. Lots in the Community
  13. All Grown Up
  14. An Honest Day's Work
  15. Aspire to Greatness
  16. It's A Wrap
Written at 02:43 on Wednesday 29 September 2004 by Andy.

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