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Community News Archive - August, 2004
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Monday 2 August 2004
SimSational: SimSational 7.0
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On the first of August SimSational launched version 7.0 of their website. The new site has many new things. First thing you will notice is a fresh new look to the site. It looks great and is extreamly easy to navigate. They have informative pages on each game, new reviews, screenshot database, and a brand new forum! The new design is great, surf on over and check out the new simsational today by clicking here.

Tuesday 3 August 2004
The Sims 2 Letting You Know: Build Bella or Betty Body Shop Contest
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The Sims 2: Letting You Know is holding its first contest. It is a simple contest where you have to build either Bella Goth or Betty Newbie (two of the pre-made Sims from The Sims 1) and upload your creation to the Official TS2 Showcase! Once your sim is uploaded, fill the entry form in the contest section of their site. A panel of judges will vote for the Best Sim. The closing date is not yet confirmed but you can enter now. For more information, and to enter visit the contest page of TS2: LYK by clicking here.

Wednesday 4 August 2004
Sims Generation: Sims Generation Re-opens
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Beloved fansite,Sims Generation has now reopened. They are now only catering to The Sims 2, but are back and better than ever. They have a newer look, new features, and more. Everything that was on the site related to The Sims 1 and SimCity are gone (their old downloads will soon be available at their affiliate SimMedia). So Surf on over to SimGeneration today by clicking here.

Sunday 29 August 2004
Mod The Sims 2: .Package File Types
Written at 01:37 by ChEeTaH - 1 comment.
The folks at Mod the Sims 2 have posted more details about the .package (DBPF) files used in The Sims 2, The Sims Online and SimCity 4. All the different file types that have been found for The Sims 2 are posted there, along with their Type ID. The information is most likely based on information found from the files that come with the Body Shop, so it's quite possibly incomplete. It's just for reference now, although the information can be included in a program that edits the files, like DatGen. Currently, both DarkMatter, creator of DatGen which was originally made for SimCity 4, and Delphy from Mod The Sims 2 are working on upgrading DatGen to make it work with The Sims 2. For the Type IDs and the corresponding file types, see this newspost.

Somewhat older but on a related matter, JudHudson from The Sims Workshop found some tricks in the Body Shop files a while back. If you haven't already done so, read the "The Buried Secrets of TS2" article for more.

Monday 30 August 2004
TS2 List: TS2 List Opens
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A new Sims 2 site has launched on the web. TS2 List is a growing directory of TS2 website. On the site you can find links to several The Sims 2 content download sites, informational sites, forums, and more. Obviously, this is not a large list, as it just launched, but they hope to have it grow (and it is). If you have a TS2 download, information, forum, or any The Sims 2 website be sure to submit your link ASAP. Be sure to check out TS2 List today.

Tuesday 31 August 2004
Sim Harbor Forums: Build Betty or Bella Contest
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Sim Harbor Forums is hosting a TS2 contest. The name of Contest is "Build Bella or Betty" and as you may guess your job is to create Bella Goth or Betty Newbie in The Sims 2 Body Shop. If you build Bella or Betty upload your creation to the official Showcase and send them a link via e-mail, you could win awesome sets of Top Class Custom Content that can be used in the soon to be released The Sims 2, or maybe just a banner to display on a website, forum, or just to look at on your Desktop! No dates have been set for this contest as of now. For more information on the task at hand, rules, and prizes check out the contest description by clicking here.