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Sim Harbor Forums: Build Betty or Bella Contest
Sim Harbor Forums is hosting a TS2 contest. The name of Contest is "Build Bella or Betty" and as you may guess your job is to create Bella Goth or Betty Newbie in The Sims 2 Body Shop. If you build Bella or Betty upload your creation to the official Showcase and send them a link via e-mail, you could win awesome sets of Top Class Custom Content that can be used in the soon to be released The Sims 2, or maybe just a banner to display on a website, forum, or just to look at on your Desktop! No dates have been set for this contest as of now. For more information on the task at hand, rules, and prizes check out the contest description by clicking here.

Written at 02:43 2004n Tuesday, 31 August 2004 by Stash.

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