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Community News Archive - July, 2002
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Monday 8 July 2002
The Sims Zone: Community Section Launched!
Written at 02:00 by ChEeTaH - 1 comment.
As you can see, the community section is now open. This place will give you the latest news from the community, members can add site updates to let everybody know when their sites have been updated at this page. It'll even give those members one line on the homepage of TSZ then (in the headlines bit). Finally, there is a list of links to the sites of all our members. In other words: free publicity for those who have registered as member and have a Sims-site on their own.

If you have any questions about posting updates, adding your link to the list, or just anything else about this community section, don't hesitate and e-mail ChEeTaH. We hope you'll like this brand-new section. Any comments are appreciated here.

The Sims Resource: New competition
Written at 02:18 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
Welcome to the first 'real' post in this section! The Sims Resource has launched a new competition: the "Downtown Developer Competition". If you're good at designing downtown areas with Hot Date, then this is the contest for you. You can win a goody bag of 5 PC games of your own choice. You have to design an area on lot 26, submit it, and hope you win. More information can be found on the competition page. Note that you must be registered as member of The Sims Resource to be able to enter this contest.

Tuesday 9 July 2002
SimGoddesses: SimGoddesses Presents The Sims Dwellings Game
Written at 02:19 by TJ - 0 comments.
I'm involved in this game happening at SimGoddesses and thought all of you would like it. It is called The Sims Dwellings Game. First, you must visit the official Sims Dwellings Game site, and download the skeleton house of the category you want to enter (you may enter each category once). Then decorate it the best you can using only SimGoddesses objects or objects from The Sims and its packs. Finally, follow the directions for entering the house and voila you are in. The best house decorators will win a great prize. Round 2 will end July 13. For more details head over to the official Sims Dwellings Game site.

Sunday 14 July 2002
SimsZone.de: 2 million downloads from FileZone
Written at 00:10 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
2 Million people have downloaded something from the German site SimsZone.de since their FileZone opened. That makes about 6000 downloads every day. The "Sauna" from BriSims is the most downloaded entry in the FileZone. There are over 2000 files in the FileZone, all of which can be viewed and downloaded here. FileZone is a database of the downloads from several sites, which makes it easy to download from those at once. Congratulations, SimsZone and all contributing sites!

Tuesday 16 July 2002
SimGateway: SimGateway Down
Written at 00:28 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
Our affiliate site SimGateway is currently down because their host is moving them over to a better, more powerful server. They should be back in 24 hours, just as good as they were a few days ago.

TheSuperCrazySim: TheSuperCrazySim has members section
Written at 00:35 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
Since last friday, TheSuperCrazySim has launched a members section. With some help of SimCrazy members can now download all of TSCS's downloads, or submit new downloads directly to the site. Already 50+ members signed up over the weekend, and you can sign up for free too. So far 3 new files were added by users, but they're definately waiting for more. Of course, you can also always submit your files to us. To do that, simply visit the file submit page for more information.

Scooby Sims: Scooby Sims relaunched
Written at 01:16 by ChEeTaH - 4 comments.
ScoobySims has recently relaunched on a new server with a new design:
"Welcome all..old and new to the grand re-opening of Scoobysims.. New Server... New look website..you'll either love it or hate it."
All the older items are still available, but EXE-downloads won't be there for a while because of a space limit. You can visit them again at www.ScoobySims.co.uk.

Thursday 18 July 2002
Big Brother Simstyle: Coming Soon!
Written at 02:45 by Andy - 2 comments.
Vote for one celebrity sim to enter the house from the following list.

Read More!

Sim Gateway: Back In Business
Written at 03:16 by Andy - 1 comment.
A few days ago we reported that our affiliate SimGateway was down due to server problems, but they are now back up with an attractive and user-friendly design where it is easy to find what you need.

There's some new downloads. All I can say about Leatha is "phwoar". ;)

Saturday 27 July 2002
Simmerville: The SimLOOK Project
Written at 19:54 by TJ - 0 comments.
Simmerville has many interesting things to look at, but one thing that caught my eye was the SimLOOK project. SimLOOK is a project run by Sim scientists, the goal is to learn about the true Sim's nature. There are 8 Sims in the house, each able to follow their own free will. There are regular reports, but there are also In The Spot reports. These spotlight one Sims actions and mood. If you like our Sim Brother then you will definitely like the SimLOOK Project.

The Rooke's Nest: HD&SV Door&Window Fixer 1.0
Written at 20:10 by TJ - 0 comments.
The HD&SV Door&Window Fixer updates your doors or windows with its version's matching resource from HD/SV. What does that do? User created doors or windows made from House Party and below stay up when you put your walls down. This program fixes that. As a result, your doors/windows go down with the walls. You must have Hot Date or Sims Vacation for this to work. You can download it in the Help section.