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SimGoddesses: SimGoddesses Presents The Sims Dwellings Game
I'm involved in this game happening at SimGoddesses and thought all of you would like it. It is called The Sims Dwellings Game. First, you must visit the official Sims Dwellings Game site, and download the skeleton house of the category you want to enter (you may enter each category once). Then decorate it the best you can using only SimGoddesses objects or objects from The Sims and its packs. Finally, follow the directions for entering the house and voila you are in. The best house decorators will win a great prize. Round 2 will end July 13. For more details head over to the official Sims Dwellings Game site.

Written at 02:19 2002n Tuesday, 9 July 2002 by TJ.

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