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Community News Archive - May, 2004
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Saturday 8 May 2004
Sims 2 Letting you Know: "The Sims 2: Letting you Know"Awards
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The Sims 2: Letting you Know forums is hosting the Sims 2 Awards. This site, The Sims Zone, is nominated under the "Best Site" Category (feel free to vote for us!). Support the TS2LYK awards by voting today. You have to register to vote, but it's free. Please view the awards category here. They are trying to find out all the best things about TS2 from videos, screenshots, fansites, and more; so stop on by and vote now.

Sunday 16 May 2004
Sims 2 Center: New BodyShop Content Downloads
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With Maxis' release of Bodyshop this week, SimFans have been creating a lot of custom content. Sims 2 Center has started to share their creations with the world. Check out the lastest downloads everyday! They have two new download sections; a clothing department, and a genetics department. With new pants, shirts, outfits, eye colors, hair colors, and more. Check out their new download section for some new content for The Sims 2: BodyShop (and eventually The Sims 2 aswell). Surf over to Sims 2 Center by clicking here.

SimSational: A SimSational New Exchange!
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SimSational has just opened their new Sim Exchange! Now visitors can upload their own creations for The Sims 1, and The Sims 2 (Body Shop) to their exchange, and other players can download them to install them into their game! You don't even need to be registered to SimSational to use this feature.

The Sims 1 section of the exchange allows you to upload (and download objects, houses, downtown lots, resort lots, Old Town lots, Studio lots, Magic Town lots, roof tiles, and walls.

The Sims 2 section allows casual wear, formal wear, sleep wear, swim wear, skin tones, eye colors, and hair cuts.

This is a great new feature in the Sims community. Plus (unlike The Sims.com's exchange) this is open to international users (like people from the UK). And it allows a lot more kinds of creations to be uploaded and downloaded. So surf over to SimSational and check out their Sim exchange, or just click here.

Monday 17 May 2004
The Sims 2 BodyShop: Various Sites Lauch BodyShop Downloads
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Last week The Sims 2 Body Shop was released, and since fans have been looking for places to download new custom content for the tool (and eventually The Sims 2). Many fansites have launched new sections with TS2 downloads, and many new creations have been made that will blow your mind.

Sim Estates launched a The Sims 2 download section. It has two pages full of new sims, skins, clothing, eyes, and more. The section is growing fast so be sure to check it out here.

SimStuff also has a section of TS2 content in their download section. You can even submit your own creations to the site. Check their downloads out here.

SimSational has a new exchange on their site where you can share . They have sections for all kinds of BodyShop creations. Check their exchange out here.

Sims 2 Center has started to share their creations with the world. Check out the lastest downloads everyday! They have two new download sections; a clothing department, and a genetics department. Surf over to Sims 2 Center by clicking here.

Magic_teena has started a nice page of their share her creations with the community. Check out these swesome new outfits and sims, with new ones added each day! View the collection by clicking here.

There are many other sites with downloads, and new ones popping up all the time. We'll keep you posted as new community creations and sites spring up.

Thursday 20 May 2004
Mad Sims: Good Bye MadSims!
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After weeks of thinking about it, webmaster Paul, decided to close down MadSims, one of our affiliates. For over two-years MadSims provided the internet with news, information, downloads,, web hosting custom made scripts, forums, site reviews, and much, much more!

Their free hosting service will be ending, and they are not sure if the paid hosting accounts will continue or not. The reason for closing down the site is because the webmaster lost interest in The Sims. They are currently excepting offers to buy MadSims along with the domain name, site design (including news database and content) and the forums. E-mail Paul if you are interested.

MadSims will be missed, and it was a great piece of The Sims community. Good luck to Paul McGrath in his post-Sims webmaster endeavors. Check out the good-bye message (while it is still up) by clicking here!

Good-bye MadSims, you will be missed!

Saturday 29 May 2004
SimModifier: A New Version of Simodifier
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Lake Group Software has announced Version 2.4 of Simodifier. SimModifier is a program that allows character editing for The Sims on Macintosh. This new version adds "Character Swap" which allows the user to swap characters between families. Other features of the program include, "Grow Up", which allows the user to grow up their Sim children, "Behavior Lab" which allows the user to experiment with behavior setting for characters and the ability to edit the following human and pet characters attributes: personality traits, skill levels, interests, relationship values, career paths and levels, family Simoleans and more. To learn more about the program, or to get your copy click here.