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Mad Sims: Good Bye MadSims!
After weeks of thinking about it, webmaster Paul, decided to close down MadSims, one of our affiliates. For over two-years MadSims provided the internet with news, information, downloads,, web hosting custom made scripts, forums, site reviews, and much, much more!

Their free hosting service will be ending, and they are not sure if the paid hosting accounts will continue or not. The reason for closing down the site is because the webmaster lost interest in The Sims. They are currently excepting offers to buy MadSims along with the domain name, site design (including news database and content) and the forums. E-mail Paul if you are interested.

MadSims will be missed, and it was a great piece of The Sims community. Good luck to Paul McGrath in his post-Sims webmaster endeavors. Check out the good-bye message (while it is still up) by clicking here!

Good-bye MadSims, you will be missed!

Written at 05:09 2004n Thursday, 20 May 2004 by Stash.

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