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Community News Archive - February, 2005
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Tuesday 8 February 2005
Unnoficial Sims 2 Awards: Unnoficial Sims 2 Awards
Written at 03:10 by Stash - 3 comments.
A project has started called "US2A" (Unnoficial Sims 2 Awards) where the best of The Sims 2 get acknowledged. I am proud to say that The Sims Zone has been nominated for 6 "US2A's". This includes Best Webmaster (ChEeTaH), Best Maintained Site, Lifetime Achievement, Most Popular Site, Best News Site, and Best Site. Go and view all the nominations at US2A site today.

The Sims 2 Poster Importer: The Sims 2 Poster Importer is Here!
Written at 03:11 by Stash - 2 comments.
A new unofficial tool was released to the Sims community, The Sims 2 Poster Importer. This utility allows you to import up to 10 posters to The Sims 2. You can set the name, price, fun rating and room rating for every poster you create. You just need to create the bitmap and Poster Importer will do everything for you (it will create the poster and place it in the right downloads folder). The tool includes a tutorial to guide you creating posters. So be sure to check out this new tool and decorate your walls!

Mod The Sims 2: Custom Objects for TS2!
Written at 03:11 by Stash - 0 comments.
The Sims 2 fansite Mod The Sims 2 released a mesh tool that makes it possible to create entirely new objects into the Sims 2. Since Maxis is said to never make an object creation tool, we can be very thankful for those that helped to create this tool. Dozens of new objects have already been released. Check out the following forum where creators have published their objects for testing. ModTheSims2 forum.

Since this new tool has been released, several sites have already started to create new objects like Sunair sims, Simfantasy and Simagination. Check them out and get all kinds of new goodies for your game.

Thursday 24 February 2005
Sims2Net: Best Sims Site Awards
Written at 22:48 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
Earlier this month, Sims2Net nominated several sites, including the Sims Zone, for several "Best Sims Site Awards". We have been nominated for "Best News/Info Site," "Best Downloads Site," and "Most Well Designed Site." Voting started earlier, and there's still little time left as it will end on 27 February, but please vote for your favourite site on the Vote page. More information about all the nominees can be found on the BSSA site. The reader's votes count for 50% of the final results, and the rest will be up to the team.

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Friday 25 February 2005
SimParool: Jubilee Edition
Written at 18:07 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
SimParool is a Dutch fansite which publishes the newspaper that lands on your Sims' doormat every day. They started in 2003, and since then they've posted 25 issues of their newspaper that brings SimCity news to you. To celebrate their 25th edition, they've made a special English version as well for once, so those who don't understand Dutch can still get a taste of what the site is doing. The latest issue in English can be read on this page. An appendix with trial articles from people who wanted to become a reporter has also been posted. All can be seen at SimParool.