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Community News Archive - November, 2002
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Sunday 17 November 2002
The Sims Zone: First birthday!
Written at 14:00 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
Exactly 1 year ago, the first news item was posted at this site. TheSimsFusion had finally relaunched as The Sims Zone. At the moment we're 1 year, over 500 news post, 2 Sim Brother series, over 400 files, a few new sections, nearly 1500 members, close to 50 polls, a couple of affiliates, one host change and another server move (happening right now) and lots of other things further. To celebrate our first birthday, we will be bringing you lots of content to enjoy this week. Unfortunately, because of the current server problems there won't be a lot of new things today. But as most files are ready you will definately see those soon enough, so there's nothing to worry about. We hope you enjoy our birthday, and also the stuff that's coming very soon!

Want to know about the full history of this site until 6 months ago? Read this editorial written on our 6 month birthday as The Sims Zone.

Tuesday 26 November 2002
DieSims.de: Official German site online
Written at 23:24 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
After the recent opening of an official site in the Netherlands (obviously a translation of the Swedish site), there's now also an official German site. A Sim Diary (tell others your story of your Sims) and Forum are still coming to this site soon (as well as the Dutch one). On these sites you can already find all the official downloads, news, tips & tricks, and (localised) contests. Something worth checking out for our German viewers: DieSims.de.