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Community News Archive - January, 2003
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Wednesday 1 January 2003
SimsLine: New German Magazine
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A new German e-magazine has started recently. It's called SimsLine, and will bring some interesting articles about The Sims - in German. Their first issue was released a few days ago, and is 28(!) pages long. It's mainly about The Sims Online, including a review, some chat-slang explained, and some tips. But that's not all, it also has a 'foto-story' of a sim-family. As if that's not enough, there are descriptions of all the (default) jobs and careers found in The Sims. Finally there's some information about star-signs at the start of the magazine. It's definately worth a read for those who understand German. For those who don't, the google 'Show as html' feature and Altavista.com's translation (babelfish) function can be of some help. You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the magazine.

Tuesday 7 January 2003
The Sims UK: Official UK Site Launched
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EA has launched an official The Sims site for the UK. This is a whole new site, where you can download Maxis' files, and do many other things. Why wouldn't you send your friends a SimsCard? Or what about posting on the forums there, or read those tips and tricks for your game? The site covers every The Sims game, including the upcoming PS2 version, The Sims Online (which is still upcoming in the UK), and all the expansions for The Sims 1.0. You'll have to register for some parts of the site, but quite a bit of it is also possible to see without logging in. Registering is free, and all you need is an EA.com account, which you can create easily (for free too). It also has some special features that are special to the UK site, so it's definately worth a visit: http://thesims.uk.ea.com.

Wednesday 8 January 2003
Planet Sim: Forums Launched
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The site Planet Sim had put up a new design some time ago. And also, just after Christmas, they opened up brand new forums. There are already quite some posts there, but there could be more. Simply go there and discuss anything about The Sims, TSO and SimCity. You can follow this link to go to the forums directly.

Thursday 9 January 2003
Sim Sirens: New site launched
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A new, blue Sims site has launched: Sim Sirens. So far they don't have very much yet, just some skins and links. The site is set up very well, and everything works properly. Currently they're asking on how their update schedule should be: regular small updates, or just one big update every month. You can give your opinion through their poll on the front page. Pay them a visit at www.freewebs.com/simsirens.

Friday 10 January 2003
The Sims Zone: Your news here?
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Do you have your site? Have you just launched your site, or are you taking it down, unfortunately? Opened up a brand new section that you want everybody to know about? Tell us about it! If you submit Community News about your site, we will put it in the community news section. This is free advertising for your site! You will even find a link back to your site on the frontpage of The Sims Zone, in the headlines. Any news from sites that are The Sims related is useful - except news about new downloads, you can put those in our site updates section. If you register as member (for free!) and add your site's information to your profile, then you will be able to post any update of your site in that site updates section.

To submit community news, e-mail us. When we receive your e-mail, then the news will be posted as soon as possible. Of course, you may also submit news about sites that aren't yours.
To add your own site updates, it's necessary that you are logged in as registered member first. You must have set up your site's details in your profile. Once that's all done, go to this page to add your update. Here you can post about whatever you've added to your site! It's all free too!

Sunday 12 January 2003
SimFever: Paysite shutting down?
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It seems that Exclusive Sims & SimFever (two sites which joined each other) is closing down. It's a paysite already, but they're not accepting any new memberships anymore after 15 January. The site will stay up until 15 February, and will probably close after that. Members who paid for several months at once and still have some of the subscription time left can get it refunded. They will be posting everything that they still have to put up the site, including a valentine's special in February. Perhaps we'll sometime see things from the artists there at other sites. If you still want to download their stuff now, you must register as member there now. It'll be too late in 4 days!

Sunday 19 January 2003
The Weekly Sim: Party coming soon
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The Weekly Sim is a community news publication, published every week. They've just released their third issue, and will hit the 100 downloads soon. There will be a party on their forums soon, which you shouldn't miss. You can also view the 2 previous issues of The Weekly Sim by following this link.

Saturday 25 January 2003
MadSims.Net: Relaunch
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MadSims, our affiliate, has been relaunched again. After quite some time of working, they relaunched with a new green-ish design. They provide news, forums and free hosting, as well as a topsites list. There isn't much to say about it all really, except that it looks good. Take a look for yourself at www.madsims.net.