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What will you be like when you're old?
The classic story: old and wise (and grey or white), with many tales to tell - like about the time I was abducted by aliens... I saw a bright light, shining through my window...
5.29% (11)
Still doing Woohoo every day, preferrably with somebody new every time!
12.02% (25)
I'll live happily ever after, married with children and all that.
22.60% (47)
I'll have enough earnings on my bank accounts to spend the remaining years buying expensive things
12.98% (27)
I'll follow in the footsteps of Bob Newbie and be the most famous retired person.
2.40% (5)
I already am old!
4.33% (9)
How am I supposed to know?!!
17.31% (36)
Old? Nah, not me!
23.08% (48)
208 people have voted.

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