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Notices Archive - September, 2003
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Saturday 13 September 2003
Mailserver problems [Update]
Written at 16:17 by the Webmaster.
Our mailserver is currently having some problems sending out emails sent through this website. That means it's unable to send e-mails concerning usernames/passwords (either from Member Registrations or Donation files), or e-mails sent through our e-mail form (e.g. requesting support etc.). Our host is currently looking into the problem, and we hope it's fixed by the end of the weekend, but I can't promise anything. Note that you don't need to register to download our files. We can still receive e-mail sent to us the 'normal' way. Until the problem has been solved, you can e-mail me for any questions and support. Please do not ask for your username and/or password for member registrations. Registering is disabled until the problem has been solved. Of course we'll let you know once problems are solved.

[Update 20 October, 14:15] After many tries, our host still hasn't been able to solve the problem. Hence they've decided to let us move to a new server. That will most likely be done later this week, after which everything should be working again. That also means you might experience some downtime of up to a few days at The Sims Zone. We're sorry for that, but it's necessary to get this site working properly again. The Sims Zone apologises for any inconvenience caused by the downtime.