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Notices Archive - August, 2002
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Sunday 18 August 2002
Open letter to Maxis regarding The Sims Deluxe
Written at 03:35 by the Webmaster.
Last week Maxis released a press release about The Sims Deluxe. People who already have The Sims and Livin' Large are able to get a $10 rebate (on the total price of $40) if they still have a proof of purchase and live in the USA or Canada. We as Sim-fans of the first hour think that's a complete rip-off, and so we want Maxis to put the extras available as free download on the official site. I've written an open letter on this site, and posted it on several forums including TheSimsResource, N99, the newsgroups alt.games.the-sims and alt.binaries.games.thesims, and the official site's BBS. To read the letter, please go to this page. Comments appreciated!

Thursday 22 August 2002
The Sims Deluxe = Rip Off: Petition launched
Written at 02:00 by the Webmaster.
There now is a petition about The Sims Deluxe being a rip off. The main part consists of my open letter, with a small comment from the makers of the petition at the bottom. If you agree with the things I mentioned in the letter, then SIGN THE PETITION HERE (sorry for the caps :-) ). I thank anybody who signs the petition in advance.

If you think The Sims Deluxe is a rip off, then sign the petition!

Bytheway: Sim Brother 2: The Contenders has started too! Go there to read the daily reports of what is happening in the Sim Brother house!