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Notices Archive - July, 2005
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Saturday 16 July 2005
Hot Summer Night Overview
Written at 15:23 by the Webmaster.
EA Hot Summer Night On Thursday 14 July EA held its annual event at the Redwood Shores headquarters, in Redwood City, California. Press and journalists were invited to those EA headquarters, where developers showed over 20 games, most of which under the EA brand, and their progress since the E3 in May. Of course the Sims 2 Nightlife for the PC and the Sims 2 on the consoles where shown too. You can stay up-to-date with the latest news from this event here at the Sims Zone. As other sites post their info, we pass it on to you through our news section. This is an overview of what has been posted in the past few days. It will be updated when there's more news posted. All links take you to relevant news items. Note that many of the news items combine several things, like mutiple previews, videos and so on.

The Sims 2 Nightlife (PC): The Sims 2 (Consoles and Handhelds):