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Notices Archive - April, 2005
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Friday 8 April 2005
Sim Brother 4 - New Blood
Written at 19:36 by the Webmaster.

Tune in at midnight (London Time) for the next 50 days for a daily report of this brand new series of Sim Brother.

Sim Brother will get back to you.

Sunday 10 April 2005
5 Million Visits!
Written at 20:20 by the Webmaster.
It's been a while since we launched, and in that time we've grown and become more popular. That's shown by our visitor statistics, that you can see at the right-top of pages at the Sims Zone. And since we've been counting our number of visitors since 2 February 2002, we have already had 5,000,000 - that's 5 Million! - visits to this site. The last million of these 5 took place in the past few months, meaning that our popularity has dramatically increased since the Sims 2 was released. Of course we are very pleased with reaching this milestone, and we hope that we'll at least double this number a few times in the future. For now, both Starrats and Sumit have posted some special items to celebrate this event, and of course there's Sim Brother 4 which is an ongoing process. Thank you for helping us reaching this milestone, and enjoy the extras!

Your The Sims Zone Team