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Notices Archive - March, 2002
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Sunday 3 March 2002
Sim Brother: More Nominations
Written at 00:13 by the Webmaster.
The hardest time for our Sim Brother housemates has passed, and they have nominated their fellow housemates, each one of them nominating 2 others. Odd or not, but everybody (except Will, the guy who joined the house last week) has been nominated. It's now up to you who will be leaving next! Is it Anna, Anne, Davina, Tom or Tony? Vote on the right hand side or here if you haven't already done so. Your vote counts - it really does!

Thursday 14 March 2002
More Sim Brother nominations!
Written at 23:13 by the Webmaster.
Sim Brother is more than halfway through the competition, but there are still housemates left. Of the current 5 housemates - Anna K, Tony, Davina, Anne R and Will S - there are 2 nominees: Anna K and Will S. Will S replaced Jerry about 2 weeks ago, when Jerry's health went downhill. Anna K has been in the house since the beginning, but has been nominated every time until now. Isn't she liked by her housemates? It's up to you who is going to leave next. You can vote in the poll on the right, or simply click here.

Thursday 28 March 2002
Last Sim Brother Eviction!
Written at 10:36 by the Webmaster.
This week you can vote who the last person is to leave the Sim Brother house before the end! Anna K and Anne R are the nominees for this week. Next week, it's up to you to vote for the winner of the final three. Tony had won the immunity challenge, and so could not be nominated this round. The evictee of this eviction round will not be one of the last 3 contestants for Sim Brother. Sim Brother is now coming to an end, and it's time for you to decide the last evictee. You can vote on the right or here.