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Notices Archive - December, 2002
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Wednesday 4 December 2002
Server Problems [Update 2]
Written at 00:00 by the Webmaster.
At the moment we're having some server problems, which is why downloading of files has been disabled. The host is working on the problem, and the server should be working properly again thursday evening (or even earlier). We apologise for the inconvenience, and hope you can be so patient to come back thursday. Please keep checking the latest news for updates on this. Once downloading is re-enabled, a post will be made there telling that.

Update 5 December, 23:00 The server has now gone completely down. Currently the IP address in the DNS is being updated, so probably tomorrow or saturday the server should be accessible and then the layout will load up properly again. It won't be long after that when we re-enable downloading. We might have to re-upload a few files again, which will be done asap. After we've reuploaded that, you can download all files again at full server speed. We appreciate your patience with this, and hope you understand that we cannot do anything about it. It's a matter of waiting now before the new server will be active.

Update 7 December, 18:00 Our .com server is back again for now, and so downloading has been re-enabled. Unfortunately there are still some problems with uploading files, so the new feature will have to wait a day or so. This problem was caused by the transferring of files, which made the directories on the server inaccessible for us (for writing). This will be fixed asap, which may result in another bit of downtime of a few hours. We are tired of the problems too, and hope everything's working properly again tomorrow or monday.

Sunday 8 December 2002
Donate please!
Written at 01:00 by the Webmaster.
Now the server is back up, we've added a donation feature. If you donate, you support both this site and the RGA. You will also get a bunch of special files, for donors only. Every month, new files are added, after which the old ones will be between all the other files (for free). However, if you don't donate and wait with getting those files, then that won't help much... so please donate to help us out! Otherwise we might not exist anymore sooner or later. More info on the donations page.

TSO Interview coming soon
Written at 01:00 by the Webmaster.
We have been invited to have an interview with the development and producers team of The Sims Online! If you have any questions that you'd like us to be asked, then send them to us. You can e-mail ChEeTaH or post it as comment here (Registered TSZ members only). You can submit questions until Monday 16 December at midnight (so midnight between Sunday and Monday). Make sure you submit your questions in time. We will select the 15-20 best questions that will be asked in the interview.

Sunday 15 December 2002
To all TNHH users!
Written at 22:50 by the Webmaster.
This message is especially important to everyone using The Neighborhood Handler 4.0 RC1 or 4.0 RC2. The TNHH version 4.00 final has been released, which contains very many fixes compared to the RC2. The latter version contains some serious bugs which cause not all files to be copied in some cases. As far as I know, all of these bugs have now been solved. Also, the manual got a new design and is included. You must upgrade now to the 4.00 final version to prevent these bugs from annoying you. You can download the full version from this page. If you already have version 3.7 or later, then you can use the upgrade version. Enjoy it!