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Notices Archive - October, 2002
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Sunday 13 October 2002
SimBrother II House - Download now!
Written at 01:09 by the Webmaster.
As you all should know, Sim Brother II is just halfway through the series. Currently Nicole, Lucy and Serena - all the ladies in the house - are up for eviction, so make sure you vote either on the right or over here. Also, its house has been released last week, so you can download it right now from this page. The house design is after the Big Brother 3 house of The Netherlands. To make sure the house looks right, it's the best that you have all expansion packs up until Vacation. If you don't have all of those, then the result in your game might be slightly different from what you've seen in the series. If you rather download the old house, used in Sim Brother I, then just visit this page. Please note that both these houses are for personal use only (as are all other downloads available on this site).

Thursday 24 October 2002
Sim Brother Last Regular Eviction
Written at 02:22 by the Webmaster.
This week the last regular eviction of Sim Brother takes place! It's either Dave or Samuel who won't make it to the final three. It's getting quite close now to deciding upon the winner of the second series of Sim Brother. After this week, we'll know who the final three are. Nicole is sure to be with those, as well as a housemate who is yet to re-enter the home at the time of writing. Dave joined the housemates later and hasn't been up for eviction yet, but maybe you're getting tired of Samuel by now? Whoever leaves at the end of this week, depends on you. Make sure you place your vote right here and make it count. And remember to follow the series from this page to see how everything is going in the house.

Thursday 31 October 2002
Sim Brother II: Who wins?
Written at 01:00 by the Webmaster.
The finals have started! This week is the very last week of Sim Brother II. Dave just left the house after a very close result of 62 against 61 for Samuel. This time, however, you don't decide on who has to leave: you decide who will WIN this series of Sim Brother. The final decision is up to you, so you have to make sure you give us your vote. You can vote on the right, or on this page. After 77 days of Sim Brother II the series will end - and that's next thursday. If you don't remember what happened the past nearly 3 months, then simply browse the archive. You can visit that here. Want to look back at who won Sim Brother I, then go here and have a good read. But again: don't forget to vote for the winner of this series!