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Notices Archive - January, 2002
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Sunday 20 January 2002
Upgrades done!
Written at 17:45 by the Webmaster.
Here you see it: we've upgraded The Sims Zone quite a bit. There are quite some changes, which - we hope - will keep you coming back.

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Thursday 24 January 2002
More upgrades!
Written at 21:18 by the Webmaster.
We've improved The Sims Zone once again. We have now put Sim Brother in its own section, making it easier for you to follow the latest happenings in the Sim Brother house. Also, what were "Announcements" before (like this) are now called Notices, since Announcements made the menu a bit too wide. About the menu: all the images there have been recreated so they all use the same font. More upgrades will come later…

Sunday 27 January 2002
Sim Brother House Fixed
Written at 02:04 by the Webmaster.
There were some problems in the Sim Brother house that caused the game to crash when you tried to put in a big family. This has now been fixed. Also, you no longer need to download anything extra or an expansion pack for it anymore. To play it to the fullest, all you need is just The Sims. Please read all readme files in the zip file before using the house. You can download it here. For more ideas on how you can play Sim Brother, read the Sim Brother reports.