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News Archive - August, 2010
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Wednesday 4 August 2010
The Sims Medieval
Written at 03:00 by Andy - 0 comments.

At E3, Rod Humble rambled on about how The Sims Division is going to "take the sims through time, space and theme" and that the first instance of it was about ready. Finding this link from Facebook, I can only take it that "The Sims Medieval" is going to be that. At the moment, there is only a website with a few screenshots but I am sure that this will be fleshed out as the days and weeks go by.

This site can be accessed by clicking here !!!

This does not look like an expansion pack and instead looks like a separate product and they anticipate it being released in Spring 2011. At The Sims Zone, we will try and keep you updated with the news as we get it and news about any other trips through time and space that our sims may be making.

Click on the thumbnails for the bigger picture or if you would like to know more, click to read more from the press release.

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