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News Archive - March, 2009
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Saturday 21 March 2009
Sims 3 Soundtrack Released
Written at 14:53 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
Fan site SimOperations has found the official Sims 3 soundtrack on EA Trax. You can listen to the 15 tracks online. With some tricks, you can get the playlist XML file, which shows the locations of the original MP3 files - which you can download and play on any other player which supports MP3 (hint: view the source of the playlist file, if you don't immediately see the URLs). The playlist also shows there should be 16 tracks, but number 9 seems to be missing. It may be revealed with the release of the Sims 3. The music was composed by Steve Jablonsky.

Thursday 26 March 2009
TS3: Disc-based copy protection, no SecuROM
Written at 18:37 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
EA has sent out a message today saying that The Sims 3 will use disc-based copy protection, just like the Sims 2. Online validation will not be included. Also, in a topic on the BBS MaxoidHydra confirms the disc-based version of SecuROM will also not be on the Sims 3. The copy protection that is used, is not specified by EA, but it may be possible that EA steps back to SafeDisc, which was used with the Sims 2 until Seasons. Besides that, a serial number will, as usual, be required to install the game. Whether this new policy will be applied company-wide, over all new EA games, is also unsure. Read on for Rod Humble's letter. Please note that the letter does not say no form of copy protection (DRM) will be used at all.
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Friday 27 March 2009
Critterz Petstop - A TammyB Creation
Written at 16:38 by Andy - 0 comments.

Are those sim kids pestering you for a cat or dog? Do Fido or Tiddles look naked without a collar? Then the Critterz Petstop is the place to come to restore harmony in the home as it has everything pet-wise that your sims will need.

This new store comes from the creative studios of TammyB and can be downloaded from here .

However, if you would like to see what else she has, then check out her section here !!

If you like TammyB's creations or that of any of our talented staff or have something to say about our work, please make a quick comment to let us know. The more we know you like our work, the more we will want to create for you.