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The Sims for GBA-GameCube coming
Nintendo gamers who are fans of The Sims as well should be happy to hear this: Will Wright announced that The Sims will be coming for the GameBoy Advance at the E3, during the Nintendo press conference. Using a GameCube GameBoy Advance link cable, the two games will be able to exchange Sims from one version to another. It seems that the GameCube version will be re-released, with special options available to link the GBA and GC versions of the game. On the GBA, players can earn money, send those Simoleans to the GameCube and buy special items that normally aren't available. Other ideas will be implemented later. Currently both games (i.e. one GBA edition, and an enhanced GameCube version) are still in heavy development. Although currently no release date is known, Will Wright said that the new GameCube version will be shown at the E3 in the Sims booth. That means we'll probably get more news about this within the next few days. It's also unknown if the Bustin' Out expansion pack contains the 'upgrade' for the GameCube, or if current owners of The Sims on the GameCube will be able to get a refund or exchange their game. Right now things are indeed still very vague about this...

Written at 01:49 on Thursday, 15 May 2003 by ChEeTaH.

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