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The Neighborhood Handler 4.10 coming soon!
Now Superstar has been released, I know you're all waiting for a new version of The Neighborhood Handler. I've been working on that quite a lot, and version 4.10 is nearly ready. However, I won't receive Superstar for another 10 days, which means I can't complete the Superstar compatibility yet at this point. I expect to have it all done in approximately 2-3 weeks. There are two major new functions to look out for. One is for those who have Unleashed and don't want to demolish a building to rezone it. The new "Rezone" function will keep the houses where they are, but it will change the zoning details of any of the 40 areas in the neighborhood. If you have a family in a home that you want to rezone to a community area, then the family will be evicted automatically (otherwise it will cause problems in The Sims). But, there are more great things...

The other new function is a family index. What it does, is quite simple: it lists all your families in all your back-up and neighborhoods. That way it's easy for you to check which family is in which neighborhood, how much money they have, which home they live in, and you can view a lot of information about every family member. You can also check out whether your pet is male or female, without downloading some object to check it out. You can also see the skills, personality traits and interests, zodiac, career and job details, as well as the biography and icon of the Sim. It is not (yet) possible to edit any details yet, but that might come in a future version. Also, relationships can't be shown yet.

Besides all that there are several bugs fixed, and as nice addition you can now also see view the houses and areas in a neighborhood through the "View Details" form. As I said, I will make it compatible with Superstar too. All that with an updated manual will be seen soon. I don't know the exact release date yet, as it depends on what Superstar adds and changes exactly. If you join the Yahoo! Group you will be able to download this program 1 week earlier than most others too, plus you'll get an email when I release the new version. Join and wait patiently, I know you're looking forward to it!
Written at 22:00 on Tuesday, 13 May 2003 by ChEeTaH.

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