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The Add-On Handler 0.1.2b
Another major bug was found in The Add-On Handler (TAOH) a couple of days ago, which occured if you didn't have The Neighborhood Handler (TNHH) installed. TAOH uses some code from The Neighborhood Handler, but I forgot to fix a few things in it making TAOH depend on TNHH. Sounds confusing, but basically it means you needed TNHH if you wanted to be able to install houses and areas. That bug has now been fixed (thanks to Wolfgang for reporting it), and a new version of The Add-on Handler, version 0.1.2b, has now been released. There are also a couple of other minor bugfixes, and some upgraded graphics using a new font. If you have The Add-On Handler installed already and want to upgrade, or if you don't but you do have The Neighborhood Handler, then you should download the upgrade version of TAOH. In all other cases, just download the full version of TAOH. Well, if you want to check it out anyway. Although this new version was released only 3 days after 0.1.1b, and just 10 days after the initial release, the next version probably won't be out for another few weeks. It will probably be June before 0.2b sees the daylight.

Written at 01:28 on Saturday, 10 May 2003 by ChEeTaH.

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