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Very sad news
In the first few hours of this year something very sad happened: Lian Price, owner of Lian Price's Sims, was killed in a car accident. A speeding car driven by drunken youths hit her. She passed away, and so did her baby she was pregnant of, an hour after she arrived in the hospital she was rushed to. She had just taken a break until the baby was born. She was in the process of making her final set of skins available to the online Sims community. The youths have been caught and arrested by the police.

Lian started as an awards artist to compliment the talented, and she was even featured at SimFreaks. After one skinner, Crash (formerly at 7 Deadly Sims), had given Lian a few tips on skinning, Lian started making her first skin. Her first series of skins were posted at The Sims Resource and at her own newly set up site, which she and her partner Eddy had worked on. Lian was very excited when she made this first batch of skins.

Recently, Lian had joined the site of CitySims, after owner Mirella Evans asked her if she would contribute. Lian had made over fifty skins, but not all of them were yet zipped and bodied. Eddy will now be finishing those creations, as he intended to do during Lian's semi-retirement.

Her site will be kept online, but there won't be as many updates as before. There were a few plans Lian had considered for her site, and Eddy will probably continue these. You can still visit the site at http://www.geocities.com/lian_price/sims.html. Her family and her partner Eddy will set up a site dedicated to Lian soon, but until then her memory will go through the work and effort put in her sims site.

We wish Lian Price's family and friends, and of course Eddy, her partner, the best of luck. Rest in Peace Lian.

Thank you Eddy for all this information.
Written at 17:19 on Wednesday, 9 January 2002 by ChEeTaH.

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