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The Sims GameCube and X-Box reviews
GameSpot has posted their review of The Sims on the GameCube and X-Box, in flavours for both platforms. Here's a snippet:
"In addition to the standard play mode and the "get a life" mode, The Sims has two different multiplayer modes that let players play cooperatively and competitively. The competitive multiplayer is pretty simplistic and not terribly entertaining--it plays out on a split screen and challenges opposing players to do things like pick up trash faster than each other or cook faster than each other. The cooperative multiplayer is more interesting, since it lets two players play a standard game of The Sims together. It's possible that serious fans of The Sims might try to play a co-op game and skillfully and efficiently split jobs and housework between them. However, it's much easier to visualize the game's co-op mode as a compromise for real-life couples who have argued about spending time together as opposed to spending time playing video games."
Both reviews are identical, except for the platform's name it mentions (either GameCube or X-Box). For the GameCube flavoured version, click here. If you'd rather see the X-Box look, visit this page. Finally, for our review index with more reviews of this game, click here.

Written at 23:59 on Thursday, 27 March 2003 by ChEeTaH.

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