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SimDay: Superstar section and an award
The Sims Online has won an award: Most Innovative Game of the year 2002. The website Game Industry has been giving out several awards, including this one:
"It is a simple formula on paper. Take one of the best-selling game lines of all time, and bring it into the online arena. But Maxis had to re-tool everything to keep the emphasis on player interaction. Everything in The Sims Online is better when you share. You make more money, satisfy needs more quickly and generally have more fun. The game is designed so it pays to be nice as well, so it is really the first online world where people from all walks of life and experience levels can have a fun and rewarding game experience."
Besides that, the official site has launched a new "About Superstar" section this simday. If you want to see the 11 screenshots (of which 2 are new ones) that have appeared so far, want to read more about the expansion and its features, or see the FAQ ("In-depth info") about Superstar, simply visit this page. It's all there. That's all again this Simday.

Written at 22:57 on Thursday, 20 March 2003 by ChEeTaH.

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