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New poll
The old poll ran a bit longer than initially planned, due to the changes that were going on here. We thought we'd give you an extra week to vote, and so you did: there were 292 votes on the question: "Will you be getting the Sims Superstar expansion?". Most of them, 178 people (61%), voted that they need a complete The Sims collection. 49 People (17%) will probably buy it, but only when they know it's really worth it. 26 others (9%) might buy it, but they are not sure of it yet. 4%, 13 people, won't buy it unless it's really good. 11 people (4%) are waiting for a sequel, like The Sims 2, rather than another expansion. Then there were 8 people (2%) who don't buy anything from Maxis or EA anymore at all, and 7 people (2%) who are tired of The Sims and won't buy Superstar either. For a complete overview of these results, go here. For the new poll, which is about this design, vote on the right or on this page. This one will stay up for exactly one week.

Written at 01:00 on Thursday, 20 March 2003 by ChEeTaH.

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