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The Sims (X-Box) previewed
"With the new version of The Sims there is of course new criteria in which they have added to your gaming experience. One of them involves having complete control over camera angles and zooming in and out. With the analog stick you will be able to turn the camera to any angle that you desire. Or you could simply amuse yourself and try to make your head go crazy while you spin around in circles! Either option is up to you. Maxis and EA Games have also added the feature of changing your characters appearance at any point in the game, something that you could not do in the PC versions. Probably the biggest thrill in the Xbox version, which will probably draw a lot of PC lovers attention, will be the monkey butler (Major Domo) completely packed with the Tuxedo that every butler wishes he/she had."
That's part of the review of The Sims on the X-box console at Fronzenzero.com. They don't tell too much we didn't already know from the PS2 version. It's still a nice read though, so get on reading here.

Written at 23:09 on Thursday, 27 February 2003 by ChEeTaH.

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