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TSO Interview is here
Back in December we got the opportunity to have an interview with people from The Sims Online about that game. We asked you to submit some questions, and we definitely noticed we did! From the questions we received, we selected the best ones and they've been asked. After some slight communication problems with Maxis, we now also have the answers to those questions. There are some interesting things in the interview, for instance that there will be pets in the game eventually - but not in the near future. Objects from The Sims 1.0 won't be compatible with TSO directly, but a utility would be required for that. According to Gordon Walton, Executive Producer of the game who answered all your questions, nobody called in sick some days to play the game either. At least he thinks not. There are 19 questions in total, and 19 answers too. Interested in reading it? It's right here, or in our Interviews section under Extras. There you can also find an old interview about The Sims with Patrick J. Barrett III, held when we were still known as TheSimsFusion.

[Update 18 February 23:00] Note that because these questions where asked before the release of the game, it was not possible to ask things about recent news, like the bad start the game has made. Perhaps we can get something about that in the future though.

Written at 23:44 on Monday, 17 February 2003 by ChEeTaH.

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