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The Sims Superstar - Confirmed!
News comes in from Eurogamer that the much-rumoured Superstar expansion pack for The Sims has finally been confirmed. You can read more about it in this news article here, but for now, here's a quote:
'The latest destination to welcome The Sims is Studio Town, a customisable hotbed of TV and movie lots, spa locations, recording studios and fashion facilities. Players follow their Sims to work for the first time, so they can schmooze with their agents, network and name drop their way to stardom.

'A new cast of characters includes a fashion designer, record producer and movie director, who will offer career critique, while butlers, sushi chefs and even a masseuse will all be on 24 hour standby to fluff pillows and generally pamper the celebrity Sims.'

News articles on the pack are also available at Gamespot and GamesRadar. By the way, it's nice to be back. If only briefly. :)

Written at 18:45 on Thursday, 13 February 2003 by Matthew.

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