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Hot-linking to downloads
We've caught one site stealing a lot of our bandwidth by hot-linking to one of our downloads. Although it should be needless to say, this is NOT allowed. Such hot-linking (direct linking to a download at a different site, instead of pointing to the site) generates a lot of traffic to the sites linked to - in this case us. This specific download has cost us a lot of traffic in the past, but we have now taken measures to prevent files being downloaded from hot-linking sites. We are not mentioning the site in question yet, but we will do in case the link is not being removed, to warn webmasters of other fansites for this site. Also, you must always understand as webmaster that hot-linking is not allowed, especially if you don't get permission (which we never gave). Also, copying files to your own server and putting them on your site isn't allowed either, unless you have permission from the author or from this site. We'll be hunting for more sites linking like this regularly from now on, and taking measures against it. These sites are the reason sites like The Sims Zone get into financial trouble, and so that must be stopped.

Written at 01:18 on Monday, 10 February 2003 by ChEeTaH.

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