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New expansion pack coming...
The Sims: Vacation is coming to us in the new year, which will allow our sims to take a break and go on a holiday...

Here at Electronic Boutique Games and here at The ShoppingMatrix you can already pre-order it. The new expansion pack will hit the stores in March 2002.

Some rumours go that there will be a vacation island where you can send your sims to, including kids. But one warning ahead: your kids can also ruin the whole trip! The vacation island will have, according to the rumours, have 10 lots in a few different themes, which are: Winter, Beach, and forest. The kids will have new social interaction options, both between adults and children, and between two children. It will also have more souvenirs and prizes, so a greater variety of gifts. There even is a treasure hunt where your sims can find valuables or even a trophy! There will also be new group-objects. You will like a 8-Sim game of volleyball or a snowball fight with 4 sims... Another new thing will be "Hotel Sims". Food buffet, luxurious beds and state-of-the-art bathrooms included in this hotel. And, locking doors is possible (and make sure you do that in the hotel!). Some new objects include" Snowman, Fort, Slide, Volleyball, Fishing, Whack-a-Will, Shoot a Clown, Miniature Golf, Carousel, Hotel Controller and many others. A bit more detailed information is in this post in the alt.games.the-sims newsgroup.

Again, these are just rumours and are not verified by Maxis yet. We expect information from Maxis mid-January. Isn't this great news to start the year with?
Written at 15:14 on Tuesday, 1 January 2002 by ChEeTaH.

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