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Probably no expansions for Linux
After finding out about the offer to get The Sims for Linux together with a TransGaming T-shirt, I contacted TransGaming asking info about possible expansion packs for Linux. The answer is, unfortunately, that that won't come. I got this from TransGaming:
"We are considering getting The Sims Expansion packs runnning with WineX but currently do not have the resources to put towards such a product. It was brought up in our voting section in previous polls and our subscribers have voted it very low."
In that poll, 819 people voted and the rating was -321 in total. That may sound confusing, but this page might clear things up a bit. The poll was held in November 2002, and is closed now. If there will ever be expansions on Linux, then they probably won't come before The Sims 2 is out. Also note that the regular expansion packs for Windows will not work on Linux, neither will The Sims Online.

Written at 19:51 on Thursday, 9 January 2003 by ChEeTaH.

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