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New poll
Last week we didn't add a new poll because of christmas, which is why last week's poll ended up taking two weeks. This week there is a new poll again though, and this time it's about last week. Have your Sims celebrated Christmas? Tell us, by voting on the right, or on this page. And for the last poll's results: most sims go to bed between 9pm and 12am - 76 of 145 votes (50.34%) were for that. With less than half as many votes (35, 24.14%), the option "Between 6pm and 9pm" came second. The other results:
  • They stay up late, so some time between 12am and 6am - 17.93% (26)
  • My sims have night-time jobs... They go to bed in the morning (6am to 12pm) - 3.45% (5)
  • Right after work! (12pm-4pm) - 2.76% (4)
  • Usually anywhere between 4pm and 6pm - 1.38% (3)

    More (and older) polls are in the poll archive.

  • Written at 01:09 on Thursday, 2 January 2003 by ChEeTaH.

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