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As you might have noticed, The Sims Zone is running out of money. We didn't put up the donations section for nothing last weekend... we need about £300 ($450) before the end of April next year. We hope you can help us out with that, as we don't want to become a pay site either. To get a bit of extra money from advertising (which isn't a lot at the moment), we've added pop-ups to our site. They will only pop up if you're not logged in as member. If you're not a member, then there's a chance that you will get to see a pop up. This depends on ValueClick at that moment, they have to have ads available at the time. If you feel like helping us out, please donate! You will get a few extra (special) files from us as reward. Besides that, if we get more money than we need, you will also support the RGA. Read all about it in the donations section. Thank you.

Written at 23:39 on Thursday, 12 December 2002 by ChEeTaH.

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