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TSO Sneak Preview
Coming thursday to GameSpot is a "Behind the Games" feature of The Sims Online. There's already a sneak-preview to be read of it:
"It was September, 2001, only a week after the terrorist attacks on America. While the nation was still recovering, the team behind The Sims Online at Maxis had its own serious issue to overcome: The follow-up to the best-selling computer game of all time was broken--and no one was sure how to fix it. 'Last September, the general sense inside the company was that this game couldn't be made within two years,' said Luc Barthalet, general manager of Maxis. 'The game code was like a big bowl of spaghetti. It was all tangled up, largely because we had kept iterating off the original Sims code that was started seven years ago.'"
Thursday Will Wright will reveal why TSO scares him more than anything he's ever done before. You will also get untold stories and some info behind the play test. The Behind the games will be up 3.30PM Pacific time at GameSpot, something probably worth to check out. For now, there's the Sneak Preview along with a shot of Will Wright and a 1 minute Teaser Video (11.0 Mb High Res, 8.0 Mb Low Res) of the Behind the Games feature.

Written at 00:26 on Tuesday, 26 November 2002 by ChEeTaH.

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