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SimDay Report: New contest
While we're still waiting to appear in the community update on the official site, there has been another small simday with just 2 things to talk about. One of them: a new contest...

If you want to get one of your (self-created) skins in The Sims Online, you should send them as soon as possible, at least before 10 January next year (which is sooner than you may think!). You can send up to 10 skins in 3 different categories: Vegas skins, Old/Shakespeare world skins and modern skins for Select-A-Sim. This is the grand prize:
"If your skin(s) are selected, you will win a cash prize of $100, a Maxis game and get a skin creation credit in The Sims Online! And you will still be able to distribute your skin(s) to players of The Sims."
Unfortunately, this contest is only open for inhabitants of "the 50 United States, the District of Columbia and Canada who are age 13 or older". We wonder if there will ever be a competition for people in different countries, like the UK/Europe, Asia and Australia...

The winning entries will be announced after 31 January 2002. More information can be found at the contest page.

The other thing to mention is the "Online Worlds Fanfest 2002" held at 11 and 12 January 2002. Will Wright will be speaking there too, about The Sims Online. The Fanfest is in Austin, Texas, USA, and The Sims Online is one of many EA games showcased there. More information can be found at the Fanfest site.
Written at 19:31 on Thursday, 13 December 2001 by ChEeTaH.

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