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Sims at Work ideas
IGN had posted an article about The Sims at work over a week ago, but only for insider members. Now there's a new article (The Sims Wishlist), the old article has been given out to everybody so you can also read the article. It contains some thoughts of how you'd be able to follow your Sims to work. Some thoughts are logical and could work out well, but are we waiting for another expansion pack?
"How could a 'Sims at Work' work, anyway? That's sort of an interesting thing to think about. The way I see it, the most logical route would be to make an all new 'Business District' area separate from the main neighborhood, not unlike how Downtown and Vacation Island are separate. Then you would have different lots, each one representing the different career tracks, perhaps. (How may career tracks are there now? Many, many, many). I say this is the 'most logical route' -- by that I mean, I believe that this is a programming problem that could be accomplished with the existing engine, since it follows the models of previously released expansion packs. Demanding something like, say, basements and third stories on every house would be probably be much harder, because it doesn't already exist in the game."
Read the whole article.

Written at 20:25 on Sunday, 17 November 2002 by ChEeTaH.

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