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Late SimDay: PS2 Previews
This week's simday was put up late, hence this late report. All that's interesting now is that there are 3 links to short previews of The Sims on PS2. There's on at IGN, another one at Gaming Nexus and another one at GameZone. The IGN one is just a development update really. However, there are some new screenshots. The same goes for the GameZone one, which also has a bunch of new screenshots. The Gaming Nexus one is a short product overview, with a list of key features:
  • The Sims in 3D - Explore an entirely new 3D world that harnesses the full power of the PlayStation 2. The controller-based interface makes controlling your Sims and creating their world a snap.
  • Level based game play Start with just one Sim in a shack and move into bigger and better homes as you advance through lifes big moments. Meet new neighbors and unlock objects along the way.
  • Play The Sims with a friend - For the first time, two players can now control their own Sims in the same Sim environments. Play all new two-player games for popularity points and money. Save your house and Sims on a memory card and play them on a friends system.
  • PlayStation 2 exclusive content Meet and interact with new characters and play with new objects not found on any PC version of The Sims. Customize your Sims appearance to a new level of detail found only on the PlayStation 2 console.
  • Open Ended Gameplay: Just like in the PC version of the Sims you can create and control your Sims in the no winners or losers gameplay. Set your own goals and play at your own pace to create your perfect Sims home.
  • The last bit of this SimDay is about last night's MySims featured chat. A transcript of it will be put up soon enough, for everybody who missed it.

    Written at 22:04 on Friday, 15 November 2002 by ChEeTaH.

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