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Server problems [Update]
As you might have noticed, there are a few problems with our storage server (thesimszone.com) so images don't load and files cannot be downloaded from here at the moment. Emails sent to will probably also bounce. Unfortunately this is out of our (direct) control. We are currently working on fixing it, and the site should be back completely before our birthday. We apologise for any inconvenience caused during this downtime.

Note that the news, articles etc. can still be viewed, and you can also still browse most of the site. Only loading images, downloading files and sending emails doens't work at the moment.

Update 21:42: It turns out our host is moving our site to a different server. That means it will take up to 48-72 hours before the site is back completely again.

Written at 21:29 on Thursday, 14 November 2002 by ChEeTaH.

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Written at 17:33 on Friday, 15 November 2002 by Bettyjoe (Bettyjoe)
so THAT explains it...i can't even browse the.com site..the only addy that works for me at the moment is co.uk.... :0)

Written at 05:11 on Saturday, 16 November 2002 by Andy (TSZ) (Andy)
... plus it looks like certain graphics are only found on that server at the moment
Site Manager & Assistant Webmaster

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