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TSO November update
The TSO website has been updated again. There are again 4 new Gameplay articles. One of them includes a "Quick Tour" video, there's something about the player site, some beginner-tips, and help with contacting tech support for TSO. The "Cool Objects" article hasn't been updated (yet) and now has a dead link... Of course, there's also the MOMI Knows Best update.

The first article, "Take the Quick Tour" is basically just a video and some screenshots which can help you get into the game if you're a beginner. The video is about 3.5 Mb big (Low quality) or 14 Mb (High quality). You can download or view it from this page. You can also check out the screenshots there. Then there's the "Where did you hear that?" article:
"Want to know what's happening in The Sims Online? Go to the News section, for the latest news and updates. Got a question? The Help section is full of great information, which you can get just by typing in your query. And it gets smarter every day, with more information added constantly. The Web site also has a downloadable version of the game manual, as well as quick help guides with all the information you need to help you get started in the game."
The "Start on the Right Foot" article has some (written) tips for beginners. You should explore the city, make friends, get a job, improve your skills and more... It's all in the article. Then there's a "Helping Hands" article with some information on how to get technical and customer support for The Sims Online. Finally, there's the MOMI Update. Reading it quickly you might read over it, but from now on everybody can join the play test. No need to be invited anymore. No need to download it from FilePlanet either (if you're on 56K for instance). Just visit this page and enter your email address. Some countries are still excluded (like the Netherlands), but the US, Canada, UK and several other European countries can participate. As there's only about a month until the release, there's not much time left to play test! If you still want to join, then join now.
Written at 23:42 on Wednesday, 13 November 2002 by ChEeTaH.

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