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Free play test download [Update]
For all people who have not yet received The Sims Online play test go onto Fileplanet. You can get it for free now even if you aren't a fileplanet server member. So let us all rejoice as everyone can have The Sims Online Play Test now :)

Words of caution, It is a VERY big file of 1.2 Gigabyte, and it might take you days if you're on a modem connection. It could even take a long time on a broadband.

Update: I did say that it was free and filplanet says the same, but it requires a credit card for your billign statement for some reason. But if you want to go through with the long download and give your credit card, makesure when you click to install that you see the fileplanet window or your email for the CD key.

Written at 22:17 on Wednesday, 13 November 2002 by Sumit.

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