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TNHH 4.0 (RC1) Bug found
With thanks to Tom Ledford, the first major bug in The Neighborhood Handler has been found: The install a lot option doesn't work (installing families does work though). In other words, you cannot install any downloaded houses or lots using this latest version. Unfortunately I hadn't been able to find it myself earlier because my hard drive had crashed recently. I will be fixing this error. Due the the hard drive crash, a few (minor) old bugs sneaked back in too, which I will also have to fix again. Those are not in the 40 RC1 version. The next version of The Neighborhood Handler will be the 4.0 final, including a manual and full readme. I'm now working on that as well. I expect this final version to be released in about 2-4 weeks. For those who want to receive a fixed program file before this release: this will be ready next weekend (16/17 November). Those who want it can email me and I will send it as soon as it's ready. I will not be releasing this as a separate download on this site because no installation or anything will be included. I apologise for any inconvenience caused by this bug. I am working on fixing it as soon as possible. If you find any other bugs or errors in the latest version, please let me know so it can be fixed as well. Thank you.

Written at 21:15 on Friday, 8 November 2002 by ChEeTaH.

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