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(SimDay Part 2) Unleashed Patch Ready
When posting the SimDay report this wasn't there yet, but now it is at the official site: The patch for unleashed. This time it's not just for Americans only too, European, Asian and Japanese owners of the latest expansion can also apply this patch. Several things have been fixed, like the flooding under objects, skins losing bought skins, Sims will now watch TV sitting again, the routing has been improved a bit, and some memory leaks don't exist anymore. Finally there are a few fixes in the web pages: humans don't display pet statistics anymore, The Sims actually launches the web pages, and the Sims display the correct gender information. There are also some other important notes about it, so visit this page for important notes and the download link. If you can't wait and want to download the 3.17 Mb Patch right away, then just click here.

Written at 23:28 on Thursday, 7 November 2002 by ChEeTaH.

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