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Sim Brother II - The Winner's Tale

Written at 02:00 on Thursday, 7 November 2002 by Andy.

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Written at 03:27 on Thursday, 7 November 2002 by William (William)
Just wanted to say I enjoyed SB2 very much. Thank you for doing it. A job well done.

Written at 03:59 on Thursday, 7 November 2002 by Andy (TSZ) (Andy)
Glad you liked it, old friend :)
Site Manager & Assistant Webmaster

Written at 08:51 on Thursday, 7 November 2002 by Pluto10
SB II was great, I didn't really follow the middle part only really the end couple of weeks, but it was still great. One note about SimDay, this weeks SimDay should be ReNamed SIMCITY Day. Also it doesn't even have any links to other Sites or anything.

Written at 16:07 on Thursday, 7 November 2002 by Joost Janssen (HPS-Webmaster)
Sorry to say, but ehm... SB I was a lot better!


Written at 23:50 on Thursday, 7 November 2002 by Matthew (Matthew)
Why's that?

Written at 15:25 on Friday, 8 November 2002 by Carrie (Carrie)
I really enjoyed SB2. Nice job! : )
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