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TSO in stores second half 2002
According to a news bit at GameSpot of a few days ago, The Sims Online will be released in the second half of 2002 - definately.

"The Sims Online, Electronic Arts' multiplayer virtual-life game being developed at Maxis, is on track for release in the second half of 2002, according to Maxis company spokesperson. [...] Unlike the original single-player game, The Sims Online will let players' virtual people interact with one another over the Internet. The game will also feature a variety of new social interactions and other features."
The costs of The Sims Online are $50 to buy it, then another $10 per month. Other upcoming Sim-games are SimGolf (late January 2002), The Sims 2 (Unkown release date, expected 2003) and SimCity 4000 (Unkown release date, expected 2003). Note that The Sims 2 and SimCity 4000 might be delayed to 2004, you never know...
Written at 23:52 on Monday, 10 December 2001 by ChEeTaH.

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