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The Neighborhood Handler 3.6 released!
Yes, I've finished The Neighborhood Handler 3.6, and it's now available...

but only if you join the group. Click here for more information, and to join the group. You'll then be able to download the file within a few minutes after joining. If you do not wish to join the group, you'll have to wait another week before you can download it.

The main updates are two new options: Repair a neighborhood and copy a downtown area. The first recreates any missing files in a back-up or neighborhood, the second one copies a dowtown area from one back-up or neighborhood to another (Hot Date only). There are also a few minor other fixes.

So, join the group now and download The Neighborhood Handler 3.6! More information can be found here.
Written at 14:41 on Sunday, 9 December 2001 by ChEeTaH.

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