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TSO Play Test for FilePlanet Subscribers
Maxis, EA and FilePlanet have teamed up a bit, which is something a bit special for everybody all over the world: FilePlanet subscribers can download the TSO Play Test and so play the game before many others. If you are a FilePlanet subscriber, then you can simply download the pack. It's not a simple quick download though: 1214 Megabyte (over 1 Gigabyte!). Getting it sent on CD seems impossible, as you immediately go over the 600mb limit of 1 cd they have... but subscribers could try to see if it actually is possible to get it sent on two cds. The idea probably is that you download the 2 cds, instead of getting them sent home. If you have broadband, then go to here to go to the download page, or to get it on cd if you don't have broadband (and if it is really possible). A bit more information can be found here.

Written at 03:01 on Tuesday, 22 October 2002 by ChEeTaH.

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