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Bil Simser chat transcript
Remember the chat event at Labzone last week? It was a chat with Bil Simser, creator of BluePrint, and for those who missed it, the transcript is now available...

"cyberman: Do you think the Sims and Simcity will ever merge?
Bil_Simser: The recently cancelled project called Simsville looked like it was trying to accomplish this. Outside of Maxis, I don't know what their plans are. While the 2 games are similar in their simulation methodologies, they are also vastly different. Simcity is on a macro level and The Sims is on a micro level so I'm not sure if there is an efficient way to bridge that gap."
According to Bil Simser himself, LabZone has misquoted him on a few things (like Microsoft's "Age of Vampires"). It's still an interesting chat though. Check it out here.
Written at 20:09 on Friday, 7 December 2001 by ChEeTaH.

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